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Benefits of Social Media for your business

With the overwhelming boom of Social Media websites, more and more businesses have been successfully harnessing their effectiveness in the marketing of products and services. Social Media Marketing is quick to set up, relatively easy to run and is extremely cost-effective when compared to other marketing techniques. Facebook in particular has become an ideal platform for both direct and indirect marketing opportunities and is well worth consideration when it comes to planning your overall business marketing strategy.

Why should I bother with Facebook?

It stands to reason that the more people that see your service or products the higher the chances are of making a sale; with now over 900 million users worldwide, Facebook offers unparalleled marketing opportunities to businesses and is the perfect place to promote your website, service or product.

Using Facebook you can create a Business Page and quickly build a valuable network of supporters that refer new leads directly to you. This also often results in increased Website traffic both directly from other Facebook users and indirectly with higher Search Engine rankings from Facebook users linking back to your website.

Facebook Fans

One of the main attractions of business owners to Facebook are “Fans”. Fans are people that “like” your Facebook page and the more Facebook Fans you have, the more traffic you will have viewing your Facebook page, as each Fan is in effect endorsing your products or services to their entire Facebook collection of friends, who can all see and click through to your page. This in turn attracts more “Fans” and starts a Social Media snowball effect!

Fans also get subscribed automatically to your Facebook Newsfeed, so each Fan will get updates to your posts that promote your products and services.

Facebook “Like” buttons

A popular method of cross-promoting and enhancing your business presence on Facebook is by integrating a “like” button on your website pages that allow visitors of your website to “like” individual products or services on your site. When a visitor clicks the “like” button on a page of your website they are effectively publicly endorsing your product and website instantly to all of their Facebook Friends simultaneously. This is an extremely powerful and effective form of advertising that is relatively inexpensive and quick to set-up. Stamford Web Design can integrate a variety of Facebook “like” buttons into almost any type of website. Contact us for more details.

Other Social Media services

When exploring the benefits of Social Media for your business, Facebook is just the beginning. There are many other low-cost, popular Social Media services such as Twitter, Youtube and PinInterest just to name a few which can help you build brand awareness, increase traffic to your website and boost online leads. Contact Stamford Web Design today to discuss the benefits of Social Media for your business.


Featured Client

Stamford in the UK has a population of over 25,000 and is a popular tourist location. We wanted to target both residents and tourists and share with them local news and events that are happening at the present time and in the local area.

The Visit Stamford Facebook page has over 3,300 followers (fans), Stamford Web Design is proud to say that it was, and still is, the founder of this community Facebook page.

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