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Bigcommerce is the world’s leading e-commerce platform, powering more than 30,000 online stores to over $1.3 billion in sales. We’ll help you create a gorgeous, professional store that’s easy to manage thanks to their powerful, easy-to-use features.

Why choose Bigcommerce?

  • Fully customisable – Bigcommerce gives web pros full access to HTML and CSS, so we can customize the design and functionality of your site to give you exactly the online store you want.
  • Easy to use – You’ll get everything you need to easily manage your online store, including a securely hosted site, shopping cart and product catalog. And it’s all simple to use with no previous experience.
  • Built-in features – Promoting your store and increasing traffic is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse using Bigcommerce’s built-in marketing and SEO tools. And their analytics features show you the results of your efforts in a format that is easy to understand.
  • Easy to monitor – Analytics features show you the results of your efforts in a format that’s simple to understand.
  • Rock solid security – All Bigcommerce stores are PCI compliant and secured against intrusion using the latest methods, so your data is always safe. And their 99.99% uptime means your store is always ready to take orders.
  • 95% customer satisfaction – Bigcommerce is extremely customer-focused, with e-commerce experts available to help you via phone, live chat and email. Plus you’ll have access to hundreds of support articles, video tutorials and a community forum that will teach you everything you need to know about selling online.
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Stamford Web Design recommends Bigcommerce as your e-commerce platform

As web professionals, we’ve worked with a lot of eCommerce platforms to help our customers sell online. Bigcommerce is the one we recommend most, thanks to their ease of use, powerful features and excellent customer support.

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