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About Stamford Web Design

Stamford Web Design specialises in designing and delivering cost-effective, tailored websites for individuals and companies all over the UK and the USA.

From strategy to execution, Stamford Web Design have the capabilities to provide our customers with seamless, one-stop solutions.

Designing websites since 1996, when the internet and web design was in its infancy, Stamford Web Design (SWD) formed in 2000 and began to build custom websites for various individuals and businesses.

SWD’s efficient, small-scale production process allows us to keep the prices reasonable and the personalised service ensures that every client is completely satisfied.

We want to be able to allow all businesses and individuals to have a website and we will produce a custom built professional web site at an affordable price.

Each site designed, reflects the ethos of our client, by placing a strong emphasis on consultation. We are happy to involve the client as much or as little as they want, in regards to branding, images, fonts, tool bars and menu design to mention just a few. The end result is a web site that represents you or your business, exactly as you want to be seen.

Designing websites since 1996…

We understand the responsibility of being entrusted with a company’s image and therefore strive to ensure that when visitors see a client’s on-line presence they come away impressed.

After your full requirements have been assessed, we will provide you with a firm, highly competitive price for individually designing, creating, publishing and registering your web site to suit your needs.

Your new web site will be displayed on test servers during the development phase and prior to launch, to provide a reference point for both you and us.

We believe in offering a great service – just ask any of our great clients.

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